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Mission Statement

The Painted Platter is in business to provide a fun place for family and friends to come spend time together and tap into their creative side.  It is important to offer great customer service to result in a memorable experience.  Experience gained at The Painted Platter is a meaningful learning opportunity that will benefit each employee in their future careers.

The Store and Staff


When The Painted Platter opened in 2005 there were 4 things that were of utmost importance to me. 

  • Be an all-inclusive studio.  It always bothered me when Luke and I would go paint and we had to keep watching the clock to see if we were going to have to pay for another hour of painting time.  I want customers to come in and take their time with their project and not feel rushed because we are going to charge you more.  The price on our items is the price that you will pay no matter how long it takes you to paint.
  • The Painted Platter StaffFriendly and Helpful staff.  It is important to me that you feel welcome at The Painted Platter and if you need or want help we are there for you.  I think the employees at The Painted Platter are fabulous and not a day goes by that I don’t hear what a wonderful staff I have.  The other feel great moment as a business owner is for a customer to compliment an employee by name and for them to tell me how special they made them or their child feel during their visit.
  • Neat, Clean and Organized store.  Just because painting can be messy doesn’t mean the store should be messy and sloppy.
  • Fun!!!!  You have to have fun at The Painted Platter or we didn’t do our job well.

We’d love to have you come in and create your own memories, hope to see you soon.

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